Longitudinal survey in rural Mali
(Slam project)

The Slam project at a glance

  • a fieldwork site: 7 villages in south-eastern Mali (pop. 5,015 in January 2014), a population of farmers emblematic of the Sudano-Sahelian region
  • a challenge: to analyse a rural Sahelian population from the perspective of change
  • a watchword: to bring down walls—between disciplines, topic areas, methodological approaches and data sources—so as to enrich, construct and consolidate observation
  • a timespan: the long-term: 25 years of data collection, 50 years of historical perspective
  •  several scales of observation and analysis—the individual scale (life courses) and the collective one (domestic groups, lineages, villages)—so as to relate individual behaviours to the framework of collective dynamics.

Our primary research avenues

Childhood and parenthood (ANR-funded project-DyPE)

  • Adolescent migration, female migration
  • Matrimonial dynamics and conjugality
  • Data quality, inconsistency factors

Scientific leaders: Véronique Hertrich and Olivia Samuel
Contact: dype-coord@listes.ined.fr

  • Photo Slam, Ined