Feedback strategy

Dissemination and exchanges with the target population

Knowledge dissemination is an emerging issue in population studies, both in terms of ethics and data quality. The challenge is especially important in long term follow-up and small-scaled surveys, with high expectations in terms of exhaustiveness and quality of data. It is also a challenge in terms of communication and methodology to address a population that scarcely uses the written word.

In the frame of the Slam project, implemented over the last 25 years, providing feedback and developing exchanges with the target population has gradually become an integral part of the follow-up process.

The dissemination strategy was developed in several directions:

audiovisual shows and theatre sketches
document transfer, collectively and individually
dissemination events dedicated to decision-makers and civil society stakeholders.

One vital contribution of a repeated feedback operation is its role in creating and nurturing a shared space, where people can express themselves if they want to. This collective space can also be used as a medium for constructing and expressing the team’s shared history with the population and for highlighting a shared culture.

Our publications on knowledge dissemination

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  • Photo Slam, Ined
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